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Soo.. [

January 06 2005


[ mood | crappy ]

I havn't been active lately, due to the fact that I'm sick, and if I sit at the computer for more than an hour, I fall asleep. Soo sorry.

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January 06 2005


Hey Everyone.
Well, this is BarmyArmy0i
New LJ name because for some reason LJ thought i was under 13 and needed my parents email addy and credit card number...(?)

Well Anyway. Thanks everyone for staying active.
I'll try to like the new layout (heh)
And soon we'll have a new theme.

-Ada (mod)
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January 04 2005


New Layout.
I didn't even know about it until the next day.
Shouldn't give out PW.
But anyways...its hot.
And we have new Stamps for promoting.
So people like...promote?

Also, is anyone knows...
They've been banned for no app.
If you know them tell them to IM and i'll unban them so they can post an app.
If not.
Too effing bad.

Stay active losers =D

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January 03 2005

[ mood | artistic ]

so there will be some pictures of my hair soon. i need somethign new to dowith it. perhaps. so i hope everyone had an excellent new yrs eve!
pictures are coming soon, kiddos.

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January 01 2005


Hmm...two new people joined without posting apps.
If they don't post them by monday they will be banned.
I'm too lazy to ban them right now...=P
Oh and happy new yeaaarr!

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